Idea Management

Idea Management Software by the IdeaWall

Capture, Manage, and Prioritize Ideas with Ease

Your customers and employees have great ideas - ideas that can help you enhance your products and innovate new products. Thus, ideas from customers and employees are extremely valuable information to high-tech companies.

If your company is like most - you and your organization do not have a systematic process or an enterprise-quality idea management tool to help manage ideas effectively.

Build a systematic idea management process with our cloud-based (SaaS) idea management tool and its features built for mid-to-large companies.

Get The IdeaWall to help your team manage ideas (customer ideas, employee ideas, etc) with a powerful web-based idea management tool - and save time spent in juggling ill-suited tools such as spreadsheets, word processors and wikis. You can:

  1. Capture ideas easily over the web from customers, employees, partners and other stakeholders.
  2. Enable voting by your stakeholders - using customizable voting methods. Identify the top ideas easily.
  3. Collaborate with your stakeholders using powerful, web-based discussion threads to discuss questions and answers for each idea.
  4. Track and follow-up on the most popular ideas that also have the biggest positive benefit to your organization.
  5. Customize idea management software right from your web browser to fit your organization's unique needs.

IdeaWall is FREE to get started. No installation or maintenance is required - as it is a web-based software delivered using the SaaS model. Click here for your 30-day FREE Trial - you can get started in less than 5 minutes.