Customer Feedback Application

Customer Feedback Application by the IdeaWall

The IdeaWall is a simple and easy-to-use, yet extremely powerful customer feedback application designed to help you get the valuable feedback you need from customers, employees, residents, or virtually any group of people.

Your IdeaWall is an online community of users who submit, discuss, and vote on ideas — ideas that can be fully moderated by you and your moderators. The best ideas automatically rise to the top, so you'll know exactly which ideas are the very best for your company or organization. You can then post Status Updates to ideas in order to inform your users about the action your company or organization will be taking with the idea or what its implementation status is.

The IdeaWall offers the best customer feedback application on the market by offering a high number of product features like:

  1. The ability for users to log in using their Facebook or Google+ accounts
  2. Administration features like moderated, read-only, and private forums
  3. Branding and UI customizations to make the IdeaWall product your own
  4. Security features to keep your IdeaWall secure through account validation and password resets

The IdeaWall is FREE to get started. No installation or maintenance is required - as it is a web-based software delivered using the SaaS model. Click here to see our prices/features and get your 30-day FREE Trial - you can get started in less than 5 minutes.