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IdeaWall Demo

This is The IdeaWall Demo. It’s just for fun! Have a look and play around with the features. You can get a good feel about the capabilities of The IdeaWall Product.
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Martian Studios

In this demonstration of The IdeaWall, you can give your input to a movie studio as they develop the next big blockbuster. This IdeaWall puts on display the awesome power of forum collaboration through votes.
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Java Mann

This is a software company that is using The IdeaWall to gather critical information from its customers on what software products are the most important for keeping their business. Note the login feature as well as the ability to login via facebook and google+.
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PhaseWare Suggestions

This IdeaWall is used by PhaseWare for planning future releases of its customer support product suite. PhaseWare customers use this IdeaWall to leave their thoughts and suggestions and the developers then utilize the best ideas in future releases.
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The IdeaWall Sample

Another comical IdeaWall... submit your ideas here and see which ideas deserve the most laughs! The winner gets a prize, but we don't really know what that will be.
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