UserVoice Alternative: The IdeaWall

The IdeaWall offers a cost-effective solution for Hosted Customer Website Feedback Forums

With the IdeaWall you get access to five stellar voting methods:

  1. User Limited Voting: A limited number of votes per user and a maximum number of votes per topic.
  2. Topic Limited Voting: A moderator assigns a set number of votes to each topic.
  3. Up / Down Voting: A user can vote up or down on every topic.
  4. Star Voting: Users may assign a one to five star rating to every topic
  5. Standard Forum: You may create a forum where users do not vote on topics.

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Better pricing structure for smaller companies/organizations:

Don't pay a higher price for a similar product. We have tailored our pricing to work with any size organization. From smaller companies all the way up to large enterprises.

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More features for a lower price:

The IdeaWall is a forum-based feedback software designed to capture, manage, and prioritize customer feedback utilizing community discussions and voting.

Five Ways To Vote The IdeaWall gives you the power to use five unique voting methods with your feedback management forums: User Limited, Topic Limited, Category Limited, Up/Down and Star Voting.

Multiple Forums. More Feedback. With The IdeaWall, your users will gain access to multiple forums where they can submit ideas to be discussed and voted on. Multiple idea forums allow for more feedback. This feedback will help grow your organization in ways you didn't know where possible.

Admin Features. More Control. The IdeaWall's administration features will put you in control of voting methods, topic statuses, private forums, filtering tools and more. More control of your customer feedback management application will render better results from your investment.

UI Customization. More Yours. Being able to customize your IdeaWall to match your brand is extremely important. The IdeaWall allows its you to customize the Branding and UI of the product. With this control you can change the site header, welcome message and site colors. Take your IdeaWall feedback forum and make it your own.

Security. More Peace Of Mind. Security is always a top priority. With the IdeaWall product, your idea management forums are more secure. The IdeaWall gives your users the ability to log in using Facebook and Google+, has account validation capabilities and integrates with PhaseWare's Self Service Center.

Check out the Sample IdeaWalls:

If you want to see the IdeaWall forum in action, head over to our sample IdeaWalls page and check out some of the live IdeaWalls

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