Status Updates

Topic Status Updates

Status updates are critical in keeping your users informed. With The IdeaWall, you can keep users informed by keeping your statuses up-to-date. You can let them know if an idea is Under Review, Rejected, Completed, In Progress, and more. You can customize the pre-populated list of status updates by removing statuses from the default list and/or adding new statuses.

Status Updates - New Status

Help keep users in the loop with your status updates. This will let them see how your company or organization is implementing their ideas and why or why not they are ideas worthy of an investment of time, money, and planning. A moderator can add a status update to an idea by clicking the Add Status button while viewing an idea's comments page. A moderator can then select a pre-populated status from a dropdown list and add any additional comments or information if needed.

Status Updates - Topic Status

As a moderator or administrator, you have the power to choose which status update you believe is appropriate for each idea or topic. You can even select multiple statuses for a single idea.

Status Updates - Status History
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