Feature Voting

Product Feature Voting & Idea Management

The IdeaWall is a Feature Voting and Idea Management tool that allows customers, employees, students, residents, and just about anyone else, have a voice in your product roadmap, idea development, or other collaborative process, by submitting and voting on ideas.


  1. Software Company: Customers can submit feature ideas for upcoming software releases. It is a great way to see what is important to the users that are using the product.
  2. Video Game Developers: It gives gamers the opportunity to tell you what features they would like to see next. This is a great way to get your gamers involved and excited about the next game release.
  3. Student Body: Students can create classroom content idea, collaborate on projects, ask questions, post essays and class discussions. Also a great way for students to leave class feedback in real time so teachers can adjust the material as needed.
  4. Executive Collaboration: Executives are incredibly busy to say the least. Implementing The IdeaWall can give them the option to communicate with each other, suggest, and vote on important items online. This will save everyone time and keep suggestions more organized.
  5. Municipal Government: Let residents of the community suggest and vote on what ideas are important to them. Use it to update community and discussions for town meetings.
  6. Retail Stores: Shoppers can offer feedback, suggestions, and ideas of what they would like to see in the store or online.
  7. Teachers: They can use it as a content management system for teachers to share ideas, resources, and curriculum. They can voice their concerns or ideas and use it for support.
  8. Employee Collaboration: Feedback management systems are a perfect way to get internal feedback from employees.
  9. Product Development:One area that The IdeaWall excels in is Product Development because it is a collaborative forum for gathering your customers' feedback.
  10. Politicians: Politicians can see what is important to the people and become assessable and engage with voters. Those interested can discuss certain topics with a wide range of people/ groups involved at one time.

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