Make the IdeaWall Your Own!

Your IdeaWall is simple and straightforward to customize. Customizing your IdeaWall starts with registration when you select a unique name for it:[NAME]. Once your IdeaWall is registered, you will want to make it visually pleasing to your users. With The IdeaWall, you can customize your site header, background color, and link color to give your IdeaWall a personal touch—incorporate your company or organization's logo and color scheme.

One of the most important customization features is your welcome message. When users come to your IdeaWall, they want to know what it’s all about—let them know with your customized welcome message.

As new releases of The IdeaWall come out, we will be improving our customization features—making them better suited for your company or organization.

Customize the IdeaWall Scren Capture
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