Administration and Moderation

There are many different ways you can administer and moderate your IdeaWall. Moderating your forums ensures your users are as productive as possible. It also helps you keep your IdeaWall appropriate and professional with spam and profanity filtering.

The IdeaWall provides a multitude of administrative and moderation features. You can:

  1. Assign and create different topic statuses.
  2. Close forums to prevent further voting.
  3. Merge similar topics.
  4. Create read only forums so people can vote on specific topics but not create new topics within a forum.
  5. See the vote history of your users.
  6. Award your favorite users with additional votes
  7. Create private forums so that only certain domain names or users can access a forum.
  8. Utilize spam and profanity filtering, so that you can keep your IdeaWall clean and productive.
  9. Receive email notifications — for example, when new topics are created in a forum or when topics need moderation.
  10. Customize your IdeaWall's header, background color, and welcome message.
  11. Customize individual forums with pictures, descriptions, voting types, and privacy settings.
  12. View charts and graphs that display useful information regarding voting activity and participation.
...and much more!

Administration and Moderation Screen Capture
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