Who Can Use The IdeaWall

The IdeaWall is a Feature Voting and Idea Management tool that allows customers, employees, students, residents, and just about anyone else, have a voice in your product roadmap, idea development, or other collaborative process, by submitting and voting on ideas.

software company icon

Software Company: If you have a feature you would like to see in a product you can submit these ideas and vote on other's ideas. This will help the software company better understand what you need from their products and help them to build plans around how they can make these ideas a reality.

video game development icon

Video Game Developers: What will your customers buy? Using The IdeaWall, you are giving your gamers the opportunity to tell you what features they would like to see next. This is a great way to get your gamers involved and excited about the next game release.

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Student Body: The IdeaWall is a great way for students to share what they would like to see added or tweaked at their school. Maybe they don't feel that their “Business 101” class has enough useful content, if enough students agree and vote on that, you know extra steps need to be taken to get your students the information necessary to receive the education they want. The IdeaWall is also perfect for classroom collaboration as part of the curriculum itself.

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Executive Collaboration: Executives are incredibly busy to say the least. Implementing The IdeaWall can give them the option to communicate with each other, suggest, and vote on important items online. This will save everyone time and keep suggestions more organized.

government icon

Municipal Government: The IdeaWall can be especially useful for discussing city council meeting topics while giving everyone a chance to voice their opinions. It would also be helpful for city planners. Let your residents suggest things they would like to see in your city. The feature voting can help you see which ideas are most important to your residents.

retail icon

Retail Stores: If a retail store has a feedback management system, such as The IdeaWall, customers are able to go online and let the store know what they would like to see in the store, and what they would buy more of. With retail stores utilizing Customer Feedback Management systems, they are able to discover what their customers truly want and they won't waste their money purchasing items no one is willing to buy.

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Teachers: If one school or an entire district adopts a feedback management system, such as The IdeaWall, the teachers can have somewhere to go to voice their concerns or ideas. If you see that a majority of the teachers voted on a specific topic, you know that is something that is pretty important to them, and if budget allows, you can implement whatever that topic suggests. Teachers' jobs are challenging enough — implement a system that can help make their jobs a little easier, and improve the quality of education provided to the children who are our future.


Employee Collaboration: Successful businesses should have happy employees. If you have hundreds or thousands of employees, it’s hard to know what would make them happier or what they think would improve the business. Feedback management systems are a perfect way to get internal feedback from employees. You could create a forum as simple as "What improvements would you like to see in the break room?" all the way to "How can we improve your benefits?"

product icon

Product Development: Your moderators can guide the entire process. The IdeaWall is a true collaboration tool. One area that The IdeaWall excels in is Product Development. Regardless of the type of product development your company needs, The IdeaWall is ideal. Rather than a simple survey or poll of what your customers want to see in a product, The IdeaWall is collaborative because it uses forums for gathering your customers' feedback.

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