What Is The IdeaWall?

The IdeaWall is an on-demand software product designed to capture, manage, and prioritize your customers ideas on your evolving products and services. Capturing ideas is only the beginning.

If you are a software company, you know how important it is to listen to your customer's feedback and take action on those suggestions. Here is how The IdeaWall can help: Software Product Feature Voting.

The IdeaWall provides you with FIVE UNIQUE VOTING METHODS. You can choose which one best suits your needs:

  1. The first method is Limited Voting. You assign a limited number of votes to each user as well as a maximum number of votes per suggestion. Limited voting forces your users to carefully consider what suggestions are the most important to them.
  2. The next two methods are variations of limited voting:
    1. In the first variation, the forum administrator sets the required number of votes per suggestion. That way if someone makes a suggestion that would take a large effort to accomplish, you can assign a higher number of votes to that suggestion. If someone suggests something easy, you can assign a lower number of votes. With this method, you further involve your customers by getting them to consider whether they truly want to spend their votes on big ticket items.
    2. The second variation lets you set the required number of votes by category. For example you could have the categories Small, Medium and Large and set a required number of votes per category. Then either the forum administrator – or, at your option, the person making the suggestion - would assign each suggestion a category – which sets the required number of votes.
  3. With each of the three limited votes voting methods you have the option to award additional votes to your users. Additional votes can keep your best users continually engaged.
  4. The fourth method is Up/Down voting. Your users can vote on every suggestion simply giving it an Up or Down rating. The vote total for each suggestion is simply the number of Up votes minus the number of Down votes.
  5. The fifth method is Star Voting. Your users can assign each suggestion a one to five star rating. A suggestion's overall rating is an average of all of its votes.

The IdeaWall lets you decide which voting method is the best for your business.

Most customers have something to say about your product or service. How to capture and manage that feedback is very important to the success of your company. The right Customer Feedback Management Software solution is critical to managing and taking action on this information.

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