100 Reasons To Use The IdeaWall

Not sure if your company or organization should make use of The IdeaWall? Here are 100 reasons you should give it a try:

  1. Develop products your customers want.

  2. Customers desire interaction.

  3. Create a productive work environment.

  4. Demonstrate the openness of your company or organization.

  5. Become a friendly and accessible company or organization.

  6. Quick internal collaboration on a platform that supports virtually every browser and operating system.

  7. Develop products that contain the most popular features.

  8. Demonstrate that you value your customers' feedback.

  9. The IdeaWall is priced to serve more budget needs.

  10. Create a forum for participatory democracy for your municipal, county, or state government.

  11. Create an interactive classroom for your students.

  12. Encourage ongoing, interactive student participation in class projects.

  13. Offer a forum for customers to voice their concerns in a way that can be controlled by moderators.

  14. Make use of the most popular trend for customer interaction... social media.

  15. Most video game developers utilize forums... couple that with interactive voting and use the power of forums to discover the features your gamers want the most.

  16. The IdeaWall is the perfect place for developing software releases, hot-fixes, and updates.  Know what features are most desired and inform your customers of what features are most difficult to implement.

  17. Status Updates by moderators keep your users informed about the status of their suggestions.

  18. Single Sign On with your Facebook or Google account makes logging into The IdeaWall simple, seamless, and hassle-free.

  19. Limitless room for expansion.  Add as many forums to your IdeaWall as you want.  Only $10 for each additional forum beyond the amount that come with your purchased plan.

  20. Multiple voting methods.  Competitors offer only one or two voting methods.  With The IdeaWall you have voting flexibility with User Limited Voting, Topic Limited Voting, Category Limited Voting, Up/Down Voting, and Star Voting.

  21. Organize topics into categories that you define.

  22. Users not only add topics and vote, but they can also comment on topics.

  23. Users can flag duplicate topics.

  24. Users can subscribe to forums and topics.

  25. Separate from regular voting, users can like or dislike specific topics.

  26. Community-controlled filtering: users can flag inappropriate topics.

  27. View vote history.

  28. Ability to close a forum to prevent new topics from being added.

  29. Create private forums by utilizing the Privacy Groups feature.  Define who can access a forum in a variety of ways.

  30. Ability to merge topics.  This feature is especially useful for merging duplicate topics.

  31. Award additional votes to individual users or a group of users.

  32. Moderate forums by approving or disapproving of topics.

  33. Create read-only forums where users can view topics and vote, but not add new topics.

  34. Create discussion-only forums, where users can add topics like a regular forum, but not vote on topics. 

  35. Administrative Subscriptions.  Moderators can be informed of new topics and topics in need of moderation.

  36. Control spam with automatic spam filtering.

  37. Control profanity with automatic profanity filtering.

  38. Custom UI allows you to make The IdeaWall your own.

  39. The IdeaWall is fun, popular, and cool.  Popular people are using The IdeaWall.  Cool people are too.

  40. Add a custom site header with your company or organization's color scheme and logo.  You can customize your IdeaWall site header with custom HTML.

  41. Add a custom welcome message to the homepage of your IdeaWall that welcomes your users when they log into the site.

  42. Ability to apply a custom background color and link color to your IdeaWall further enhancing the user interface.

  43. Ability to allow anonymous users to flag duplicate topics.

  44. Ability to allow anonymous users to flag inappropriate topics.

  45. Ability to allow anonymous users to use the like/dislike feature.

  46. Ability to allow anonymous users to vote without logging in.

  47. Ability to allow anonymous users to post comments.

  48. Ability to allow anonymous users to add topics.

  49. Require newly registered users to verify their email account.

  50. Ability to force users to reset their passwords if they use the Forgot Password request.

  51. Single Sign On Integration with PhaseWare's Self Service Center.  Your Self Service Center users can be automatically logged into their IdeaWall account by logging into the Self Service Center.

  52. Unlike surveys and polls, with The IdeaWall there is no turnaround time.  Get instant feedback from your users and instantly see the best suggestions.

  53. The IdeaWall automatically reveals the best, most desired, most popular ideas.  Ideas (topics) are automatically sorted with the highest rated ideas at the top and the lowest rated ideas at the bottom of a forum.  Want to know what the best idea is?  It's at the very top of the topic list in a forum.

  54. Actual, human, Self Service Center to get in touch with a real, live, human being.

  55. The IdeaWall is extremely simple, both conceptually and in actual implementation.  Users submit ideas.  Users vote on ideas and discuss.  The best ideas rise to the top.

  56. Though The IdeaWall is easy to set up and extremely simple to use, it is also a powerful tool with a whole host of fine-tuning capabilities.  Create and control The IdeaWall of your making.

  57. Integration with both browser-based and desktop-based applications

  58. Our engineers are available to work with your company or organization for custom integration projects.

  59. The IdeaWall is useful for virtually every company or organization.  Whether it's gathering feedback from customers, employees, executives, teachers, students, citizens, or gamers, every company or organization interacts with people, and The IdeaWall gathers peoples' feedback well!

  60. Ability for moderators to see who voted.

  61. Each IdeaWall has a custom, human-friendly URL: ideas.theideawall.com/[NAME].

  62. Studies show that companies which utilize a customer feedback management system (like The IdeaWall) have a 15% higher customer retention rate as compared to those that don't.

  63. No risk to your brand.  With a full suite of privacy controls, filtering, and moderator tools, you can control your brand image.

  64. The IdeaWall is a great customer support tool.  Users can submit problems, the most common problems rise to the top, and fellow users and moderators can provide solutions in the form of comments and Status Updates.

  65. It's excellent for manufacturers.  Each forum can correspond to different stages of a product or service's development, or each part of a product or service.  Designers and developers can then choose the best, most efficient part or aspect in each forum.

  66. No need for plugins.  The IdeaWall just works.  You can utilize The IdeaWall in any browser in Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS, Android, and any mobile device.

  67. You can mix it up!  Ability to assign a different voting method to each forum and even have forums only for discussion without voting.  The voting method is tied to the forum, not to the entire IdeaWall, so you have total flexibility.

  68. Ability to assign a precise number of votes to users with User Limited Voting.

  69. Ability to require a certain number of votes per topic with Topic Limited Voting.  Think a topic might be hard to implement?  You can then require your users to invest more heavily in the idea by requiring a larger number of votes.

  70. Ability to require a certain number of votes per category with Category Limited Voting.  Similar to Topic Limited Voting, instead of requiring a certain number of votes per topic, you can require a certain number of votes per topic category.

  71. Ability to utilize simple votes.

  72. Star Voting.  Allow your users to vote for each topic using a one-to-five star rating.

  73. Create the work environment your employees want.

  74. The IdeaWall team is committed to constantly improving the application with updates.  The team listens to customer input! 

  75. Ability to rename "Topic" and "Topic(s)", to whatever you want.  Whether you want the nomenclature to be "Idea", "Suggestion", "Post", "Thought", or anything else... the choice is yours!

  76. Ability to view topics by Status in a forum.

  77. Ability to view topics by other criteria such as Active topics, topics the user has created, topics the user has voted on, and hidden topics.

  78. A user is not stuck with the same email address or display name.  They can update all their information including email address, display name, first, middle, and last name, company name, title, and password.

  79. Have a Gravatar?  You can use it with The IdeaWall!

  80. Users can manage their subscriptions including changing the interval in which they receive updates.

  81. Bacon is the best tasting breakfast food, which is analogous to how The IdeaWall is the best customer feedback management tool.

  82. Administrators can review statistics in graph form for topics created and tailor the graph as needed for different time periods and forums.

  83. Administrators can review statistics in graph form for number of votes received and tailor the graph as needed for different time periods and forums.

  84. Administrators can review statistics in graph form for number of comments posted and tailor the graph as needed for different time periods and forums.

  85. Ability to prevent all users from registering on their own, requiring an administrator to add new users.

  86. Administrators can add and remove other administrators

  87. Administrators can create a custom Status list and control what certain Statuses do, such as making the topic invisible or releasing a topic's votes.

  88. Administrators can create new forums and activate and deactivate existing forums.  Only active forums count towards the number of forums a company or organization has purchased.

  89. When creating a new forum, an administrator can post and resize an image, which will appear both under the forum's title on that forum's page and also underneath the forum's title on the page that shows a list of all forums in your IdeaWall.

  90. Ability to edit and delete topics.

  91. Ability to collapse and expand Comments, Vote History, and Status History within a topic.

  92. Within a forum you can choose to sort the topics by date rather than votes.

  93. Stuck while using your IdeaWall?  You and your users don't have to dig around to find out how to get help.  Just click the "Support" button at the very top of your IdeaWall to access our Self Service Center.

  94. You can manage billing and upgrades directly from your IdeaWall.  No need to maneuver to The IdeaWall homepage.  Just click the "Billing" button at the very top of your IdeaWall.

  95. Users can maneuver through different forums quickly by using the Navigation Menu on the right-side of your IdeaWall.

  96. Moderators can add comments and images to a Status when they post it on a topic.

  97. Moderators can view or hide hidden comments.

  98. Companies that care about their customers tend to want to hear their feedback.  

  99. Ability to upgrade your plan at any time.  Upgrade from the free plan to any of the paid plans by logging into your IdeaWall account.  Upgrade from your current paid plan to a better plan in the same way.

  100. No credit card required to try out any of the paid plans.  If you sign up for any of the paid plans, it's free for 30-days... with no strings attached.  If you decide not to continue with your plan it will automatically convert to the free plan...  so give it a try! 

no credit card required to sign up for any plan | try ANY plan free for 30 days